Beauty Salons

For beauty salon owners, Prokits products reduce cost, improve cost predictability as well as simplify inventory management. Through a team of specialists and cutting-edge technology in the production, quality control and logistics, we ensure our products to be delivered within the deadlines and maximum quality. Thus, the quality, hygiene, and professionalism essential to the success of a salon can be easily perceived by its clients.

Beauty Professionals

As a beauty salon owner, you doubtless have to deal daily with the challenges of costs and stock management, as well as ensuring the hygiene and quality of the services provided to your clients. Below is how Prokits and its products can help you face these challenges.


The utilization of waterless disposable kits brings more hygiene and safety to your manicuring/pedicuring session. Prokits products were designed to bring hygiene/safety to a new level, using best components, from splinter-free bamboo manicure sticks to emollient creams with special properties, as well as being free of chemical ingredients – Parabens – linked to allergies and diseases. Ask for Prokits kits to be used when manicuring/pedicuring. So, you can get your nails done safely and worry-free.

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