Find out more about how Prokits products have been developed with your health and safety in mind, as well being an important basis for the quality of the manicure and pedicure service you use.

Highest-Quality Components

Each of the components in the kits was selected in order to enable you to offer the best to your customers.

The manicure sticks are made from bamboo, free of splinters that could injure your clients.

The cream is made with tea tree oil, a natural essential oil with antiseptic action and healing properties. It also assists the regeneration of deformed nails and strengthens weak and brittle nails, moisturizes the skin and diminishes excessive cuticle and callus production.

The kits contain 10% more cream to ensure skin is moisturized, as well as properly softening the cuticle.

All ingredients are dermatologically tested and are not tested on animals.

Paraben and Mineral Oil Free

ALL Prokits products are free from Parabens and Mineral Oils, in compliance with the requirements of markets such as the US and Europe and are thus safer for your professionals and clients alike.

Parabens are chemical preservatives. Studies have linked Parabens to cancer, as well as to allergies and premature skin aging.